Saturday, November 13, 2010

Notes on knots and other kite related miscellany

John asked that I repost this information from the Facebook page, and it seemed like a good opportunity to start a conversation about kites and equipment. I'll start thing off with the basic knots we use to attach the lines, hoops and kites and we can go from there. If you have picked up the Knots app, you will find many of the knots we use there.

Line to hoop attachment: we recommend an Arbor knot for this job. The Knots app shows how to tie one, or you can follow this link:
An Animation showing how to tie the Arbor Knot
Arbor Knot | How to tie the Arbor Knot | Fishing Knots

Additional note on the Arbor knot: it is a good idea to wrap your line around the spool three times before tying the knot. Those wraps will help the line grip the spool better. Also, when you tie the little stopper knot at the end, we prefer a Double Overhand knot.
An Animation showing how to tie the Double Overhand Stopper Knot
Stopper Knots | How to tie the Double Overhand Stopper Knot | Climbing Knots

Line to a Swivel: a good knot is a variation on a Lark's Head knot, called a Cat's Paw. I don't have a good animation of this one, but I am looking. A common alternate used in kite flying is fishing knot called the Improved Clinch knot. This one is in the knot app, or follow this link:
IMPORTANT: leave a couple inches on the tag end and tie a stopper knot like you did with the Arbor knot.

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