Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to the ICCARS Project Blog

On behalf of Andy Henry and myself (David Bydlowski), welcome to the ICCARS Project Blog.  A blog allows users to reflect, share opionions, and discuss various topics in the form on an online journal, while readers may comment on posts.  Welcome to the community!


  1. Hello, Dave and Andy. Guess who am I? aha, right, I am Xiaoliang. Go through my blog sometime.

  2. I went through your blog, Xiaoliang! Really nice. Thanks for keeping all of our work in order.

  3. Last night's session gave me a much better understanding on which direction our class may go. I won't have them spending much time on relating the images we get and process from the kite and relating that to satellite images (though this allows students to see it isn't magic), much more important is the consequences of climate change and trying to creating activites that may allow them to understand how this could happen.