Friday, May 6, 2011

What are your favorite climate change and remote sensing apps?

My Favorite Apps for the Study of Climate Change and Remote Sensing
(as of May, 2011)
David Bydlowski
Wayne County Mathematics and Science Center at Wayne RESA
ICCARS Project

Climate Change News -- RSS, news, and video feeds.  ($2)

Climate Mobile (CliMate) -- Personal Climate Analyzer: Database of the most current climate change data along with historical data analysis.  (free)

Gaia GPS -- Offline topographic maps, compass, and GPS tracking. ($13)

GISRoam -- Mobile GIS application. (free)

iMatter -- Student Activism. Best section is kids versus global warming. (free)

MotionX GPS HD -- GPS, maps and navigation. ($3)

NASA App HD -- Satellites, remote images and much more. (free)

NASA Now -- Aggregates NASA feeds. (free)

Negotiator -- Information on the UN Climate Change Conferences (free)

Our Choice -- Interactive book by Al Gore on climate change. ($5)

Satellites -- Displays the location of the International Space station. ($1)

What are your favorite iPad (iOS) resources for the study of climate change and remote sensing? I did not list any tool apps. Share your comments and share your favorite climate change and remote sensing apps!!  Looking forward to your comments.....

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